Sunday, July 27, 2008

N. Wildwood

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North Wildwood is a sleepy little town. Now that we've traveled the island it's become clear. You can drive from N. Wildwood into Wildwood and it immediately feels like a city and then BAM, once you hit Wildwood crest it feels just like N. Wildwood. Like a friendly home town. It's an intersting juxtapostion.

But back to the beach. Ok, maybe not the beach, let's get on to the food. The first night we were here the most obvious choice for food was the cheesesteak. And Russo's from my recollection was the best. So that's where we started

Ok, it was good, it was the best cheesesteak I have had in 20 yrs, but it was just ok.

So now to the beach. Man did they ride some waves!

A little ball on the beach

They had a lot of fun, and then the sun went down and Eric did his best to stop the sun from going down

Friday, July 25, 2008

Philly to Wildwood

We head out Academy Rd from Grandmom's house and I say, "so which of the 5 ways to the shore do you want to go." Miles says, "Dad, I want to see where you grew up!" Ok so down 95 to the Tacony Palmyra Bridge we go. We cross the bridge and now we are in NJ. 3 seconds latter the car shreks with excitment. OH my ***,, holy **** that's a Rolls Royce/Aston Martin/maserati/Lambourghini Dealership!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen such adoration in my life. First of all that dealership didn't exist when I grew up, and holy cow these guys were screaming bloody murder that I had to stop so they could look at these cars! Sorry boys, the time just wasn't on our side. I'm not sure they would let us just gawk at the cars but frankly I just wanted to get to the shore. But I have to admit, I dont think I have ever seen a car dealership as "rich" as that. And I feel bad for denying them the opportunity to at least check it out. I'm thinking,... Philly and the area I grew up was the blue collar place and who the heck can frequent this place!!! I was just as blown away that a place like that existed at all, in the place that it did (in the town that was a poor town, next to the town I grew up in), as I was at the kids enthusiam to check it. So anyway we didn't stop despite the protestations. Man there wasn't time for that. We had to get to the shore. But we did go through Cinnaminson ( the next town) where I grew up, and we drove by my house. It didn't look anything like my house. We then headed out Lenola road to Moorestown where I recalled from my many, many trips to the shore that you could get on 295 and the get there from here We stopped at a Barnes and Noble so I could check out a map just to make sure I remembered where I was! And we bought a book for Cam and Miles to read. And we hopped on 295 from the book store. A few miles later we saw this

Perenially this was the sign for me that we were on our way to the shore. And if this hasn't been mentioned previously, let me make it clear now, this trip is about me, Dave, and his childhood vacations to the shore. We then saw this sign to 55

And from here 47

To 83 to 9

To the Garden State Parkway

Exit 6

Off the exit you cross the N Wildwood Bridge

Reaching the other side of the bridge:
And finally reaching our home for the week...
More to come....We've already spent one day on the beach and I'm not sure I will ever be able to drag the kids away from it again......A little more of day 1 and all of day 2 to follow tomorrow eve....

We're in Philly!

So we arrivede in Philly, walked about 7 miles to our baggage claim and viola, our baggage was there. I have never walked so far to get baggege before and have it ready for us when we got there, that was a hoot. Why? Because due to the huge backup at PHL our gate was a little used gate in the International Terminal yet our baggage claim was oh so far away. By the time we reached it our baggage beat us! Funny stuff! We went to rent a car and the agent saw all our bags. "Uhhh, those wont all fit in the econmy car you chose" So we got a much bigger car:)

We hopped in and headed up I-95 to my Grandmother's house to celebrate her 93rd birthday. What great timing! Eric and Cam were immediately added to our family and joined in

It was awesome. WE ate a bunch of good food and hot the road to the shore!

Getting to Wildwood Day 2, really day2

Ok so I started this blog prematurely and Day 2 is really day 1. I haven't figured out how to edit previous posts yet but who has time to figure that out when on vacation. So just now that this is the REAL day 2 post :)

July 24th, 2008

We arose at 5am. It was nice because the skies were nearly blue. But once on the road to the airport we saw that thunderstorms threatened from every direction. We got to the airport and found that our flight was delayed. Why? Not because of all the scary storms we saw around us but because the storms of the night before had so backed up the Philadelphia airport that EVERYTHING was delayed going into it. Our 7:15am flight was now scheduled for 8:10am. So we hunkered down for what was looking to be a nightmare scenario of canceled flights. The boys made the best of it.

It was really funny how they didn't miss a beat and just got right to doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING! Even at 7 am. I was convinced we weren't going anywhere. They announced that the Flight was again delayed to 8:35, but shortly thereafter began boarding the plane. Again my pessimistic nature kicked in and I was convinced we would sit on the runway for hours. But alas, I would be wrong. We actually boarded the plane, didn;t have to wait terribly long and we arrived in Philly at about 10:45am

Ok so we got this thing going finally

Let's start at the beginning. We left Stowe, Vermont at 5:00pm on Wednesday July 23rd. We drove to Pelham, NH and arrived at about 8pm, it was raining very hard during certain portions of the trip but it never really slowed us down much, I'd say it made the trip about 30 minutes longer than normal.

Thursday, July 24, 2008